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The Artist

My Story

Dear tabletop hobbiest and miniature fan,

my name is Jonathan and I am the artist and founder of Wavecolors. As a lot of people I had my first contact with this hobby when I found those small and tiny lord of the rings miniatures in the De Agostini magazine. This now is quite a while back in the days but I still have fond memories of that time. When the first lord of the rings movie was made by Peter Jackson and the big hype about lord of the rings began.

Even before I have started to paint those cool miniatures I had a big connection to arts and especially painting. But this really was something else and new for me. As cool and fun it was I lost interest as a teenager.

About 10 years later luckily I discovered the hobby again and especially the part of painting. Thanks to a great and bigger crowing community in Germany for the lotr game. Therefore the biggest impact on me for sure had the Youtube Channel „HTL“.

I am now painting for about 4 years again on a very high and professional level. I have learned a lot during those days and really found the one passion I was searching for. For me miniature painting is more than just putting some color on a mini. It is like a meditation, like to be in another time and room structure. Ok, now you think I am crazy =D.. I hope I am not ;), maybe just a little bit.

I am looking forward to paint some of your minis and gave them a unique and high class look. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I am always happy to stay in contact with people of this amazing community.

Cheers Jonathan/Johnny

Quality over Quantity

My philosophy when we talk about miniature painting is quite simple: Quality over quantity!

I am a passionate painter and I love to put miniatures to the next level! I put all my creativity and energy into this to give people the amazing feeling to get something very special and unique in their hands. Therefore I am focusing on high end miniature painting and my main focus is on my master class showcase level.

So if you want to have something very special and high level where quality is everything. You are on the right place :).