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Commission Painting

Welcome to my commission painting service. I am offering different kinds of painting Levels and my focus truly is on high end miniature painting. If you want to get an example about my work especially if you would like to have more minis get painted, I am offering to paint you one example, this makes especially sense if you like to get a view minis on Level 1: Tabletop Standard. Also I want to mention that I am always make individual prices. The description bellow only should give you a price point. I am always open to discuss about the commission itself and e.g. mix some levels up together.

Find out more bellow.

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Level 1: Tabletop Standard

This Level is something for you if you would like to get solid painted miniatures which are looking great on the gaming table.

This Level includes:

  • base colors
  • simple shading

Level 2: SUPER B

This Level is perfect for you if you want to have your minis painted on a unique level, so that they can shine by their own and not only in a whole army.

This Level includes

Level 3: Master Class

This level is perfect for your minis if you want something outstanding special in terms of quality and details.